Adobe Campaign Announces New Solution to Enable Better Customer Engagement

For years, Adobe Campaign has helped marketers create value as they create stellar cross-channel campaigns. Email has always been the backbone of these programs. Since we initially launched in 2001, email was one of the first channels we natively supported and since then, we have helped hundreds of marketers create and grow their programs. Momentum hasn’t stopped. In fact, last year alone, more than 98 percent of Adobe’s global Campaign customers powered their email with Adobe Campaign. Our clients sent more than 60 billion emails using our technology with our largest clients sending more than 25M one-to-one personalized emails a day!

But with our strong email heritage, we knew we could dig a bit deeper into what email marketers’ are most challenged with in improving their email programs. Recently, we surveyed the Direct Marketing Association’s database to find out specifics. What we learned backed-up our hypothesis: these are smart marketers who want to enhance their email programs. We learned that only 30 percent are happy with their email marketing efforts. Given the high ROI email brings to marketers, this showcases a huge opportunity. Unfortunately, marketers who are working with traditional ESPs receive a limited email-only view and are paying dearly for expensive services and siloed technology that doesn’t allow them to automate an entire email campaign with multiple touch points.

Quite simply marketers are being held hostage by traditional ESPs. We believe that in order to truly create authentic customer engagement, they need to send richer, more contextual emails. And this year, we are taking a giant leap forward to help email marketers create better customer engagement, while allowing them to become more strategic and create greater ROI for their organizations.

Adobe Campaign is the Complete Package

We are the leaders in providing true, integrated cross-channel management. Traditional ESPs charge based on CPM emails and encourage heavy service engagements to compensate for technology shortcomings. All of which provides limited customer insights, lack of contextual personalization, as well as the failure to tie-in offline channels, among a whole host of other issues. Plus traditional ESPs encourage volume based messaging versus content based messaging. Adobe Campaign is different.

Adobe Campaign enables marketers to tie together all online and offline channels as well as coordinate all of these touch points. We also provide inbound interaction management, dynamic personalization, and creative content management. Integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud take those capabilities to the next level by leveraging Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and Core Services to deliver more impactful, personalized and contextualized experiences to the consumer in real-time. All while keeping an eye on the full breadth of the customer’s interactions to minimize contact fatigue and maximize impact.

Today, Adobe Campaign now offers an impactful alternative to traditional ESP vendors. We are announcing a brand new offering, called Adobe Campaign Standard, which is the very first email marketing solution natively integrated into Adobe Marketing Cloud. It includes all of the comforts of their ESP, but adds a comprehensive single customer view with instant access to a complete integrated customer profile (instead of uploading and managing lists), along with the ability to automate multi-touch, multi-wave, triggered campaigns all from one native user interface. This new offering will enable more contextual, integrated, and coordinated email as part of a more strategic customer engagement strategy. It features a new look and feel, streamlined asset management and audience sharing with Adobe Marketing Cloud and a new mobile/tablet friendly UI, allowing email marketers to create and manage their email campaigns across mobile devices.

Imagine creating and managing your email campaigns at any point, anywhere, on any device!

This next step in our journey will help email marketers who are stagnated by the limits of their traditional ESP get to the next level of marketing. No longer will they be restricted to the consumption of static lists and blasts of “ad hoc” emails. No more wasted contacts because the email content is stale or out of date. No more CPM pricing, as your ESP is not incented to reduce the number of emails you send, only increase it! No more paying for unnecessary “email services” because their technologies are out of date or hard to use. No need to create and manage email content from multiple sources – with Adobe, you have it all in one cloud. And for those who use multiple vendors, no more need to buy execution from one vendor, workflows from another, and then have to pay services to stitch them together with the help of your internal IT teams or service provider to constantly provide data that is never quite real-time.

“Celerity has been working with Adobe Campaign for seven years. We have found the platform to be extremely flexible and scalable in delivering all our clients’ requirements. With the new release of Adobe Campaign Standard, our future clients can look forward to an increased speed of adoption, a quicker route to ROI and a faster speed to market. The ability to seamlessly integrate Adobe Campaign Standard with other elements of Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager, will create an extremely powerful marketing platform for delivering superior customer experiences –the right data, content and communication via any channel at the best time,” said Jason Lark, Managing Director, Celerity.

We know email marketers. And we understand their need to do more. With Adobe Campaign Standard, they now have new capabilities at their fingertips. Not only is this the most comprehensive solution integrated with both Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud, but it provides a 360 degree view of each consumer, is accessible on any mobile device, and eliminates costly ties to archaic pricing models that traditional ESPs currently force them to use. We are the future for email marketers as they look to create impactful customer engagement—and drive even more revenue with their powerful channel.