Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud Connect to Accelerate Impactful Marketing

Empowering people to create is at the core of what Adobe does, and now marketers can channel creative ideation and production seamlessly to deliver experiences faster than ever before.

Today Adobe released asset sharing between Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. Now all the active creative iterations taking place in Creative Cloud are available at the speed of creation for feedback, collaboration, brainstorming and powering customer experiences across channels through the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Connecting Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud Assets core service connects the Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud and enables marketers to share, sync and store assets for use across solutions, channels and experiences.


Share: Any Creative Cloud member with an Adobe ID — from your in-house design team to your agency or freelancers — can be invited to share assets with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Sync: Once connected, shared folders and assets from Creative Cloud are synced to the Marketing Cloud seamlessly. Marketers can access the latest version of an asset from any of the teams or creative they work with to review, comment, annotate or publish as soon as it is available. For supercharged creative workflows, the Assets core service also syncs with Adobe Experience Manager Assets, unlocking Adobe’s full rich media and digital asset management capabilities in the cloud.

Store: Adobe Marketing Cloud Assets stores assets centrally for consistent use across channels and solutions. Marketers no longer need to worry about redundant assets or outdated content being pushed to market, and creatives can continue to iterate and share assets with the Marketing Cloud in real time, directly from the Creative Cloud interface and workflows they’re used to.

Powering digital experiences

Join us Wednesday at Adobe Summit to learn more about Creative Cloud-to-Marketing Cloud asset sharing and how delivering at the speed of creation can change your customer experience.