Adobe Primetime, Marketing Cloud and the Future of TV: Personalized, Portable, Profitable


It’s official: Adobe Primetime is the 7thAdobe Marketing Cloud solution.

Although marketing teams – digital, direct response, brand, email, inbound, outbound, product, or otherwise – don’t typically think about TV and film delivery and monetization, marketers at broadcasters, cable networks, and pay-TV service providers care deeply about the quality of the multiscreen TV viewing experience – and about the audience insights they can gather from it. Adobe Primetime delivers both: highly engaging, personalized viewing experiences on every screen, and actionable audience insights via a turnkey integration with Adobe Analytics.

Marketers from media and entertainment companies wish to provide the best brand experience possible for their audience, on every screen, and consumers benefit from Adobe Primetime’s multiscreen TV platform in three key ways:

With out-of-the-box Adobe Analytics integration, the Adobe Primetime TVSDK offers a deeper understanding of what leads to desired viewing behaviors, helping marketers in media and entertainment drive awareness, tune-in, engagement and loyalty over time. The Adobe Primetime integration with Adobe Analytics gives customers of the combined solution a richer set of video metrics on the playback environment, including time-based engagement metrics with the new Analytics “heartbeats” solution. The integrated solution speeds time to market for customers looking to deploy multiscreen TV on any device alongside the industry’s leading marketing analytics solution.

For companies that generate revenue from advertising, the Adobe Primetime ad decisioning integration with Adobe Audience Manager enables audience segmentation using first-, second-, and third-party data, which can be used to personalize content and ad experiences. We’ve also rolled out other enhancements to our core ad decisioning capabilities. With the new features, media sellers can deliver targeted ads across platforms and devices, and use cross-device frequency capping to reduce inventory waste and ensure that a single user with more than one device doesn’t have to watch the same ad beyond the desired number of exposures.

With Adobe Primetime and Marketing Cloud, the future of television is bright: more personal and portable for viewers everywhere, and more profitable for media and entertainment companies than ever before.

Campbell Foster @camfoster