Digital Asset Management & Rich Media Innovations Unveiled at Adobe Summit

Today, we’re excited to announce three new advances in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, all focused on digital asset management (DAM) and dynamic media delivery for customer experiences.

First, we’re introducing a new 100 percent cloud delivery option for Experience Manager Assets. Second, we’re bringing in new ways for creative pros to connect to Experience Manager Assets. Finally, we’ve added over 30 powerful asset management features to our enterprise solution.

We believe we can change the world with digital experiences. Digital assets such as images, videos and rich media are central to this vision. And there is no challenge we hear more from our customers than how to manage even more digital assets for an ever-increasing number of multichannel experiences.

Last year, we welcomed hundreds of new DAM and dynamic media customers to the Adobe Experience Manager solution. Today, Experience Manager Assets is managing millions of assets in the cloud and receiving 342 billion requests of rich-media delivery traffic monthly for some of the best brands in the world.

Let’s look more closely at the three additions we’re announcing today.

AEM Assets is Now Available in the Cloud, On Demand

We’re introducing a new turnkey, SaaS version of Experience Manager Assets. Now available in the cloud, Experience Manager Assets is a few clicks away for organizations that seek immediate value from DAM and dynamic media delivery. On Demand offers reliable, scalable cloud infrastructure with many of the key features of our existing product. This new delivery model offers teams and enterprises of all sizes immediate access to the value of Experience Manager Assets ─ without the need for software installation or lag time for heavy customization.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is now available in three deployment models, all based on the same proven platform:

Leveraging the Cloud to Transform Digital Assets into Shoppable Media Experiences

One of the most powerful advantages to having digital assets in the cloud is that they’re globally, centrally accessible, 24/7, to everyone who uses them. Because they are now closer to your customers, you can deliver digital experiences faster and more easily than ever — something needed in today’s climate of real-time engagement.

In addition, having assets in the cloud means you can create more compelling, amazing experiences for customer engagement. Built into the core of the new On Demand offering is rich media technology (formerly known to customers as Adobe Scene7) that makes it much easier to transform digital assets into amazing rich media and delivery experiences on any device or screen. In addition, this offering includes Shoppable Media, which is a powerful new capability that enables marketers to repurpose assets with hotspots and product information to create engaging experiences across channels. Learn more about our new Dynamic Media capabilities.


Deeper connections to Adobe Creative Cloud

Next, we are introducing deeper connections to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Marketing and creative professionals are collaborating and generating more content than ever. We’ve reimagined two workflows between Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Creative Cloud to help you better access and manage the digital assets that drive your business.

Creative Pros Inside the Enterprise

We’ve improved capabilities for leveraging DAM assets directly on the creative desktop — without affecting workflows. Opening creative source files directly from Experience Manager into popular creative tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign has never been easier and more intuitive. Creative Cloud customers can now directly access DAM assets from their desktop using the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop application — no extra software to install. Just configure and get going in a few steps.


Inviting External Agencies to Collaborate in DAM

With this upgrade of Adobe Experience Manager, we’ve also enhanced capabilities for collaborating with external agencies. With a few clicks you can select and share assets with trusted partners. These shared assets appear in your creative agency’s Adobe Creative Cloud environment as a shared desktop folder, which automatically syncs with Experience Manager Assets. The purpose is to eliminate the endless email chain and invite external agencies to participate in the enterprise workflow. As an added bonus, this is the easiest way to ensure that creative source files end up in the DAM instead of on someone’s desktop.

Both of these capabilities are immediately available.

New Enterprise DAM capabilities for the modern marketer

As marketers in the enterprise, your needs are constantly changing. It’s our goal to keep up with continual improvements to our enterprise DAM offering.

Last year, with a new version of Adobe Experience Manager, we made asset management easier for end users by refreshing our user interface with simpler metadata management, search and workflow tools. We also introduced Dynamic Media and Video technology to empower marketers to transform any digital asset into a rich media experience, which can be delivered across any device or channel.

This year, as part of our major new version of Adobe Experience Manager announced today, we are going deeper with DAM. We are introducing over 30 new features for smarter, more automated asset management for the modern marketer. These include must-haves and improvements to asset discovery, search, metadata, workflow automation, multilingual, versioning, PIM integrations, states, validation and performance enhancements — all to help you manage larger, global repositories of assets with less effort and wasted time.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

Metadata & Search Enhancements

Finding a digital asset shouldn’t be like finding a needle in the haystack. With the latest version of Experience Manager Assets, we’re introducing multiple enhancements to improve metadata quality, enforcement, and automation to simplify collaboration and ensure a high-quality user experience. For metadata, we’ve added new controls for validation and states to improve search and help you better manage assets throughout their lifecycle. We‘ve also enhanced Search to ensure the most relevant assets appear in search results.


Global and Local Asset Management

Marketing needs to think global, but act local with content that delivers your customers a more relevant experience. We’ve added intelligent, automated workflows to make it easier than ever to create, manage and share localized and translated assets. We’ve also launched capabilities such as automatic machine translation, included pre-built integration with translation vendors and a simplified method to browse hierarchies of related multilingual assets.


More Channels — Even Print

Marketers face the hard task of delivering consistent, compelling brand messages across a dizzying range of media, devices and channels — even print. Print-ready media and PDF files are still two of the top marketing mediums for B2B and B2C brands.

With the new version of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, we’ve supercharged our catalog and print marketing workflows to automate the production of print-ready content. We upgraded our InDesign integration to leverage templates, maintain asset links, and automatically extract product information from an external Product Information Management (PIM) System. Authoring, managing and publishing catalogs at scale have never been easier.


These are just a few of the capabilities we’ve added to Adobe Experience Manager Assets that make teams and enterprises more productive with digital assets. We’re committed to delivering the right tools, innovations and integrations that put digital assets at the center of your customers’ journey.