Introducing Contribution Analysis – Changing the Face of Adobe Analytics

By John Landwehr

Gathering and analyzing data is an emerging field that has huge promise for businesses and governments.

This week, Adobe released Contribution Analysis, a great tool to help employees (who aren’t experts in the field of data science) understand and manage data.

To help you get the job done without drowning in the details and mechanics of models, regressions and other statistical esoterica, Contribution Analysis does the heavy lifting in the background, easing the burden on the employee.

For our customers in the Public Sector, Contribution Analysis will save time and money. Instead of forcing employees to search though hundreds of possible reports that may or may not be relevant to an anomaly in your data, Contribution Analysis shows you the top factors contributing to the anomaly.

Top Five Benefits of Adobe’s Contribution Analysis

This “data-scientist-in-a-box” offers several important benefits.

With these powerful features in your hands, you can accomplish in seconds powerful tasks that would otherwise require a data scientist at your beck and call.

To learn more about Adobe Analytics and Contribution Analysis, click here.