This week’s creative colour challenge: Explore the blues

This month, we’re celebrating the vital role colour plays for all creatives and we kicked things off last week with our post on The Importance of Colour for Creatives. The truth is there’s so much you can explore around it that nailing down just one colour at a time can be the true challenge. That’s why we’re big advocates of smart colour palettes and the right tools to bring them to life wherever you go, such as Adobe Color CC which is available on the App Store.

Last week we challenged you to bring a new lens to your home and find interesting or exciting uses of yellow. This week we’re turning our attention to blue – here’s a few interesting ‘blue’ facts to get you excited: blue is the eye colour of 8% of the world’s population, and from a historical point of view we didn’t talk of “light blue” up until 1915, when it was first recorded as a colour term in English. Perhaps most importantly, research has shown that blue rooms tend to make people more productive, which is why you see so much of it around offices!

Your challenge

So your challenge this week is to find interesting uses of blue… around your workplace! It can be an interesting mug, a nice notebook or a simple pencil, your boss’s jacket or just a nice overall frame.


Show us that you also get the blues (in a good way) by sharing your own photos on Twitter and Instagram, and using the hashtag #InspiredByColour.