Six Creative Cloud myths you probably didn’t know about

Asking “was that photoshopped?” is a great example of how Adobe Creative Cloud has helped us shape the world around us, motivating even Jimmy Kimmel to challenge his audience with a question: Fashion Week or Photoshop?. There’s no doubt that creative tools help shape our surroundings, and some might argue that by doing so we’re blurring reality and myth.

This issue of ‘fact or fiction’ leads us to Adobe Creative Cloud itself: being such a complete and flexible tool for creatives, there are still some recurring myths about its functionalities. Here are some of the most prominent ones and we would like to take the opportunity to debunk them once and for all!

Myth 1: Creative Cloud applications all run in the web browser

The truth: Applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign run locally from your hard drive, not from the cloud.

Myth 2: Creative Cloud cannot be centrally deployed and does not offer options for controlling access to applications and services

The truth: The new Adobe Enterprise Dashboard lets IT control which users and groups within your organisation have access to which applications and services.

Myth 3: Enterprises cannot control when product updates are deployed

The truth: Your IT team has complete control over which apps, updates and features are packaged and deployed, and when.

Myth 4: All Creative Cloud users need an Adobe ID

The truth: IT admins can deploy Creative Cloud for enterprise with various options (from Adobe IDs to serial numbers), depending on what’s best for your organisation.

Myth 5: Sharing files with clients or colleagues is not possible unless they are also Creative Cloud members

The truth: Files placed in your Creative Cloud folder on your hard drive will be uploaded to a secure Creative Cloud server and you can share them with anybody that has an email address.

Myth 6: Users of Creative Cloud need to be connected to the internet to run the apps

The truth: Creative Cloud for enterprise applications not only install in your hard drive, but they also run offline.

If you’re interested in learning more on what Creative Cloud is really about, we’ve put together Creative Cloud Myths: Your Own Free Mini-Guide, a handy resource that creative leads and creative decision makers can download today.