This week’s creative colour challenge: Find red in your commute

March has been all about colour and its importance for creatives and designers. We’ve discussed it before in The Importance of Colour for Creatives, and more recently went to the workplace to explore the blues. Colour is everywhere, and interesting colours can be just at the palm of your hand – especially if you’re equipped with Adobe Color CC.

The thing we love about colour is how it all starts with three very simple elements – the primary colours. We’ve explored two of those so far – yellow and blue – so all that’s left to complete the circle is red! And that is this week’s challenge, which comes with a twist.

Before we go into the challenge itself, here are a few facts about the colour red that should get you excited – ‘excited’ being the key word here. Red is proven to intensify our physical reactions, making us react faster and more forcefully – blame that on the biological heritage that makes us associate the colour red with danger. But wait, there’s more: did you know that men reportedly look more desirable when they’re dressed in red? This of course isn’t to say that red is always good: it’s also proven that this very warm colour can get you cold feet during exams, leading to a higher failure rate. Who said red was perfect, right?

But for us, red will always be about winning, because this week you’ll get a chance to win a free 1-year Creative Cloud subscription (Terms and Conditions apply). In order to do that, here’s your challenge: find interesting uses of red in your commute! It can be your local market, a bus stop or a nice pair of shoes you saw on the train… the world is your canvas, get creative.


Forget painting the town red: show us how red your town is in the first place! Share your own creative photos of interesting uses of red in your daily commute on Twitter, tagging your local Adobe Twitter account (@AdobeUK, @AdobeFrance, @AdobeDACH, @AdobeNordic, @AdobeBelgium or @AdobeNederland) and using the hashtag #InspiredByColour.

Ready, set, go!