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Note: This series of articles features technologies demonstrated at Summit Sneaks Night during Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing conference. Sneaks demonstrations are a preview of the ideas and technologies percolating inside Adobe Labs, and should not be viewed as a representation of product plans or features.

Adobe Summit 2015-The Digital Marketing Conference (2 of 2)
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But digital marketers know that the right picture can also be worth thousands of impressions — research shows that pictures and video accompanying site and social posts drives engagement. Some marketers know one other truth too… Managing your visual assets across large organizations with multiple campaigns can quickly become a thousand hassles.

Keeping track of visual assets with the appropriate metadata, usage rights, campaign association and effectiveness can be a huge challenge. Not to mention the challenge of finding fresh, on-brand imagery for new content or trending topics.

“Creating content or sourcing content for different experiences can be time consuming and expensive,” explains Carmen Sutter, product manager for Adobe Social. “Having to go to external resources, or spending time with your internal design team can be challenging and can impact your ability as a marketer to test out a number of offers quickly. That’s why we developed CreativeNow.”

Shown during the Sneaks session at Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing conference, CreativeNow provides digital marketers with a fast, mobile-friendly and seamless way to locate new imagery, test its effectiveness and share it across teams in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


In her demonstration, Carmen showed the audience how CreativeNow could be integrated into Adobe Target to quickly find and swap an image for A/B testing a landing page, and then instantly shared with other team members across the Adobe Marketing Cloud through the Assets Core Service.

“CreativeNow integrates over 35 million high-quality stock assets from Fotolia into the interface,” she says. “And creative-now2
the pre-filtering carries over. I can then continue to filter results to select new images, purchase them and have them automatically transferred back into my existing core asset library, along with all the associated metadata and rights information.

“Additionally, these assets can now be accessed immediately by other members of the team, such as a social marketer using the Adobe Social Mobile app to tweet on a trending topic.”

CreativeNow’s integration of Fotolia has the potential to accelerate the design process for digital marketers. “It’s about finding the right asset at the right time so you can move more quickly to create,” Carmen adds. “We want to give our customers the ability to have access to high-quality visual content for every single one of their posts, even if they don’t have the design resources available at that time.”

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