This week’s creative colour challenge: Find green in your city

March is almost over, but by all means it’s been a very colourful month. We’ve had our fair share of creative challenges around colour: we’ve asked you to explore yellow details in your own house, then moved on to interesting uses of blue in the workplace and just last week we’ve explored how red makes your commute more exciting. Anything is possible when you mix the right mindset with the right tools, such as Adobe Color CC.

This week we’re going beyond primary colours: prepare to look for interesting details in shades of green. But first, here are a few facts about the colour green you probably didn’t know. Green is a universal symbol of fertility and typically associated with nature, life, youth, safety and hope. For the ancient Egyptians, green was a sacred colour that represented the hope and joy of spring. It’s even been instrumental in fashion: in the 1400s, green was the preferred colour choice for wedding gowns and before the 1950s Santa’s suit was actually green. How about that for a present?

Create with green and win a prize

Since there are a lot of positive associations with green, we thought we’d add another one: for this week’s challenge, you’ll be eligible to win a free 1-year Creative Cloud subscription (Terms and Conditions apply). All you have to do is show us exciting details of green around your city or neighbourhood, by posting your pictures on Twitter, tagging your local Adobe Twitter account (@AdobeUK, @AdobeFrance, @AdobeDACH, @AdobeNordic, @AdobeBelgium or @AdobeNederland) and using the hashtag #InspiredByColour.

By the way, green also represents ‘go’ in traffic signals. So there’s your cue: go and create!