Just4You #3: What is in FrameMaker 12 for users of Versions 9 thru 11?

In the third session of “Just 4 You” select demonstrations, Adobe Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, takes you through key highlights of FrameMaker 12 for a specific audience: users of FrameMaker v9, v10 or v11. Since these releases are more recent than those covered in earlier episodes of this series, the demo and presentation emphasis is completely different.

Note: although FrameMaker v9 is cosmetically similar in appearance to FrameMaker 12, it is a significantly limited in terms of automation and functionality compared to the current release. FrameMaker has moved ahead of v9 and v10 significantly, especially in areas of XML and structured authoring, as well as a radically improved user interface.

You may view the recording by clicking on the title below:

Why upgrade from FrameMaker v9, v10 or v11 to FrameMaker 12?

Please use the expandable “Table of Contents” on the left-hand side of the screen. As shown in the screen capture below, if you place your cursor over a chapter or bookmark, a tooltip will indicate how many minutes and seconds into the recording that feature is covered. You may click on any of the bookmarks to jump straight to that subtopic!

03 TOC

The following key areas are explored in this presentation: