Seven things you should never say to a video editor

Doing creative work is what drives us every single day, but sometimes it’s hard not to feel that people around us don’t truly appreciate how much efforts really goes into it. After all, when we look at amazing projects it’s easy to overlook how long it usually takes to make them happen.

‘Let’s just make a film’. We know, right?

That is one of the reasons that we invited amazing video editors such as PostPanic or Valentin Petit: to try and understand how the process is actually key to tell amazing stories through video.

However, that process can be a quite delicate one if we’re not careful with our expectations and the words we use when working with a video maker. So that got us thinking about the other side of video editing: the difficult moments, unrealistic requests or just outright nonsensical situations that make any video maker want to pull his/her own hair out.

In short, what are the things you should NEVER say to a video maker?

1. ‘I’ll get you a brief later’


Until then, boys and girls, just start playing around with Adobe After Effects. It will all work out.

2. ‘There’s an event which needs filming tomorrow evening’


Sure. Let me just stop time for a bit to get everything ready and we’re good to go! (H/T @cwelkin)

3. ‘Why does the image look so washed out and grey?’ (After the first draft cut of a video)


We already discussed thi… oh never mind.

4. ‘Can you add more wow factor’


Er… okay. What?

5. ‘Can you make it less blue?’


But I thought this was a shot of a clear blue sky.

6. ‘Just one quick change’


We’re just going to say it: it’s never one quick change.

7. ‘Work your magic’


Yes, because that’s exactly how this works. (H/T @MaciekKaliski)

Cover image © Aleksandar Mijatovic – Fotolia