How DTM Fundamentally Changed Starwood Hotels Analytics Implementation

The Starwood Hotels digital analytics team is responsible for measuring traffic on more than 1,300 independent sites, the vast majority of which are built, hosted, and maintained by agencies. Approximately half of the visitors to these sites come via, driving substantial traffic.

On average, the Starwood Hotels team adds more than a dozen hotels and launches four to 10 new marketing sites a month. Each agency varies in its experience with Adobe Analytics implementations, with some being very familiar and others having no previous exposure. Some of the agencies they have worked with are fairly experienced with Adobe Analytics implementations, whereas others are completely unfamiliar with it.

Starwood’s original Adobe Analytics implementation took place in 2009. Since then, they have added to and adjusted the variable mapping significantly in light of evolving business needs. Adobe Analytics capabilities and options have concurrently evolved, offering more options than ever.

With the addition of the Adobe Marketing Cloud Activation core service, powered by dynamic tag management, Starwood began scoping a project to better align its Adobe Analytics implementation with its business needs and to utilize the broad range of options Adobe Analytics now provides.

“This was a pretty daunting and complex project, and with limited personnel resources we are looking for ways to maximize our time and efforts. We’re very excited about the possibilities for how DTM (Activation) can help us both roll out and manage such a large, complex, and wide-ranging digital metrics ecosystem.”

—Cleve Young, digital analytics implementation specialist, Starwood Hotels

For the full white paper visit the Whitepaper section on the Adobe Marketing Cloud Help site:

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