Top 5 Reasons for Government to use Acrobat DC and the Adobe Document Cloud

By Jerry Silverman

Last week, I sold my house in Atlanta in preparation for a move to the West Coast.

Having bought the house in 2009, I was impressed with the number of important document processes that have been moved into an all-electronic routing workflow within the last 5 years:

  1. Assembling all necessary documentation for negotiating the sale,
  2. Routing that documentation to the appropriate parties for signature,
  3. Secure, verified electronic signing of those documents,
  4. Quick creation of contract amendments with automatic re-routing for signature,
  5. Immediate availability of the most current versions of all documents.

The seamless combination of always-available cloud services, the convenience of mobile document accessibility and the ease of generating social awareness about the home sale provided me with amazing visibility, flexibility and confidence.

Enterprises, Businesses and Government agencies are starting to transform their document-based processes around these principles as the demand for design-driven, customer-centric experiences is at an all-time high. Their progress, however, is seemingly not keeping pace with demand.

In a March 2015 report by Edelman Berland entitled “Paper Jam: Why Documents Are Dragging Us Down,” we see that 83% of business professionals feel their success and ability to be productive at work are slowed down by outdated ways of working with documents, and sixty-nine percent of US professionals (61% globally) would change jobs even if the only benefit was dramatically less paperwork.

In another March 2015 report by IDC entitled “The Document Disconnect in Government: Hidden Opportunity, Big Payoff,” we see that 70% of Government respondents cite outdated methods of working with documents as a direct impediment to their ability to plan, forecast, and budget, and that 90% say document process issues impact revenue recognition or create auditor issues.

Enter Acrobat DC and the Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Document Cloud is a revolutionary way to get work done with documents from anywhere — desktops, mobile and web. At the heart of Document Cloud is a completely reimagined Adobe Acrobat DC that provides a consistent experience across devices and introduces revolutionary new e-signature and editing capabilities. For government organizations, Adobe Document Cloud also provides powerful Acrobat administration tools and introduces enterprise-class e-sign services to integrate e-signing into business systems.

To learn more about our Top 5 Reasons for Government to use Acrobat DC and the Adobe Document Cloud, download our new whitepaper here. Also, please join us for a free live seminar in Washington D.C. this Thursday May 7th, and join our upcoming webinar series for our Public Sector customers!