What’s New with Adobe Business Consulting

We’ve been doing some cool new stuff in Adobe Business Consulting. I’m eager to share it, and eager to hear from you, our clients, on what you’ve been up to as well.

Digital Marketing Maturity & Organizational Readiness Engagements

With the wide launch last year of the Analytics Capability-Maturity Assessment and Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment, many clients started asking, “What can I do to get better?”

To help answer that question and others related to it, the growing group of digital marketing maturity and org readiness consultants in our business now take the lead on Analytics Governance/Readiness Workshops. These workshops focus on people and process growth recommendations and roadmaps.

Many of our consultants have more than a decade of experience managing analytics and digital marketing programs, so their insights into others currently running these types of efforts are extremely insightful. Clients are taking these recommendations and turning them into real programs, transforming their processes and enabling their teams to be more effective digital analysts and marketers.

Often these workshops lead into an opportunity for a longer-term engagement, with a consultant helping to develop custom process programs, client enablement and adoption.

Digital marketing maturity is a key element of our Adobe Consulting team’s work, and we see sharing our expertise as critical to helping you, our clients, get the most out of Adobe Digital Marketing and other marketing solutions.

Advanced Analysis, Reporting & Dashboards, Optimization Recommendation Engagements

The heart and soul of our Analytics Business Consulting team has long been to help up-level clients in their ability to get more out of Adobe Analytics.

That continues today, with quick Value Realization Accelerators, where business consultants become an extended part of a client’s team for a few short weeks to help with a specific analysis question, advanced dashboard need or question around possible marketing optimization recommendations.

Value Realization Accelerators are a mix of enablement and action that culminates in ensuring the client is more able to do this type of work themselves in the future.

Enablement, User Adoption, Digital Marketing & Best Practice Engagements

Our longer-term business consulting engagements with clients often include some mix of ongoing enablement and user adoption, digital marketing coaching and expertise and industry best practice advisory services. Clients harness our business consultants’ experience to up-level their own teams’ capabilities and capacity. Usually, after some period of time, our team is able to walk away and proudly watch the client team continue upward, getting more and more value out of Adobe solutions.

Data Science Engagements

It’s not just a buzz word! Clients are asking new questions that bring statistical approaches to analytics data. In a recent survey of 1,400 CIOs, 53% said they are actively gathering data but lack staff to extract insights. This translates into a huge opportunity for advanced consulting services. Data science sits at the intersection of statistics, business intelligence, sociology, computer science and communication. Data science consultants are number whizzes, yet strong communicators, and Adobe Consulting has a data science team ready for that opportunity.

Our team has engaged with clients, using their core digital marketing data, in new approaches to segmentation and clustering, propensity scoring, custom statistical attribution, forecasting and anomaly detection, associations and affinities, text mining analysis and more.

The data science team is ready and willing to discuss possible new engagement opportunities. You can contact them at DataScienceConsulting@adobe.com.

New Bloggers & Thought Leadership

At the same time we’re engaging to help our clients in new ways, we’re also jump-starting a massive thought leadership push. We have 40 of the industry’s best and brightest digital marketing business consultants, and we’re organizing to share some of our best ideas and stories with you here, on the Adobe Digital Marketing Blog.


Finally, we’re going “all in” on the thought leadership front and launching a brand new podcast! Each week, Derek Tangren, Matt Gibby and I will anchor the “Adobe Consulting Checkout,” a 20-minute podcast on hot topics in retail. Derek is a principal consultant and multi-solution strategist on our team, and Matt is a senior consultant focused on retail analytics. We’re hoping to let you in on our own industry-focused water cooler discussions, and inspire some of your own.

In fact, the first episode is now live. Enjoy it here!

Continuing our Leadership

We’re proud of the great work our business consulting team continues to do in helping lead our clients to greater success with Adobe Analytics and other Adobe marketing solutions. Comment below, we’re eager to hear what you’ve been working on!