Creating Personalized Experiences with Beauty Brand L’Occitane

Rapid global growth led luxury beauty brand L’Occitane to recognize their marking approach limitations. Different teams handled email and direct mail, and there was little connection among customers’ digital, call-center and in-store interactions. Adobe Campaign and Adobe Social in Adobe Marketing Cloud give L’Occitane a single, comprehensive view of every customer.

“We chose Adobe Campaign for many reasons. These include its openness and easy integration with other systems, built-in survey functionality, cost-effectiveness, intuitive operation for our global marketing teams, and extremely robust and integrated product functionality,” says Mathieu Staat, Director for Digital in Europe and CRM Worldwide, L’Occitane.

For instance, L’Occitane can use consolidated customer profiles to activate and automate campaigns across channels. The offer management capability in Adobe Campaign ensures only valid coupons are redeemed online, and encourages customers to complete beauty profiles to identify products each customer finds valuable.

So far, coordinated cross-channel marketing with Adobe Campaign has increased purchase frequency up to 18.5%, personalization has boosted email campaign revenues up to 40%, and L’Occitane has realized conversion rate increases up to 400%.

You can read the full success story here.