Designed All in Mobile: From iPad to Whimsical Fabrics can come from anywhere, anytime. Some people doodle in their sketchbooks, others take photos of what catches their eye. Jenean Morrison, painter and surface/textile designer, starts the creative process on her iPad and with Adobe mobile apps to bring her ideas to life. Jenean’s hand-drawn style is expressive and upbeat. Her work can be seen on notebooks, water bottles, wallpaper, and even clothes.

At the recent sold-out 99U Conference, Jenean showcased her art to the 1,000+ creatives that gathered in NY: digitally and physically in dress. Often featuring a variety of floral arrangements and patterns with vivid color palettes, Jenean’s vintage-inspired work has a charming appeal. Jenean smiles as she says, “I love it when people can’t tell if my work is vintage or not.” The dress she wore at 99U is no different. Impeccably shaped and sewn, the dress itself is a work of excellent craftsmanship—all done in mobile.

“All My Favorite Things” in Mobile

Jenean’s inspiration runs the gamut from her travels and favorite classic movies to her cat, Buddy. “I put all my favorite things into one dress, specifically for 99U, to show people that you can make something complex with mobile tools.” In addition to textile designs, Jenean is also a best-selling author. Using Adobe Draw and Illustrator, Jenean has created a collection of adult coloring books with one of them remaining in the top 20 Amazon best-selling books list for over three weeks.

A lot of the tools Jenean uses are mobile-native—such as Adobe Sketch, Brush, and Draw—which are the perfect complement to her hand-crafted style. While classically trained as a painter, Jenean is part of a growing movement of artists and designers doing real work with mobile apps.

“I absolutely love to create on my tablet. Using the Adobe mobile apps has made my process easier and it’s just so much more fun and free-flowing…the ‘hand-drawn’ style is on trend, and I can accomplish that aesthetic easily with these mobile apps. Plus, Ink & Slide make it so intuitive and easy to make patterns, which I then build out even further on my desktop in Illustrator.”

Jenean made the switch to designing in mobile two years ago when she bought her first iPad. She’s been enjoying her art taking new forms and shapes ever since.

Learning the Tools and Running with Them

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Jenean studied communications in college and worked throughout as a waitress. Then, she was able to work in the café’s office as the menu designer. “I realized, ‘yes! I can definitely see myself doing this.’ I really enjoyed the process of building the visuals into a cohesive product, and it was then I decided to go to art school and pursue design,” shares Jenean.

Eventually choosing surface and textile design as her focus, Jenean fully embraced the tools available to her. “I learned how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and of course to draw while in school…after that, I taught myself more tools like Adobe Draw, Brush and Sketch.”

Before Ink & Slide came out, Jenean was using a blunt stylus that didn’t quite deliver the precision she was looking for. She was ecstatic to try out the latest Adobe hardware last year, and uses it for on-the-go creation as well. “There’s just this sense of freedom that comes with the mobile apps. I love putting my personality in everything I create, and being able to remain inspired and connected to my tablet is just so valuable.”

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