#MakeItUnmasked at OFFF 2015 with Behance portfolio reviews and our Make It Experience

Get ready for provocative work, exciting announcements and to get your portfolio reviewed by a world-class artist!

So what is OFFF?

The first time you pay attention to OFFF, what it stands for and the artists who usually attend and present there, you can’t help but feel a bit of a shock. Some might call it ‘weird’; we’d rather call it ‘provocative’. OFFF is about feeding the future and the only way you can do that is by stripping yourself of preconceptions and embracing your wildest creative side.

That is precisely what we’ll get to see on May 28-30 in Barcelona, as well as during the lead up to that – provocative thinking. You can tell that from OFFF’s agenda, which includes world-renowned artists such as Jan De Coster, Joshua Davis, Filipe Carvalho, Vasava, PostPanic (who we’ve interviewed a while ago about their new film ‘Sundays’) and Sagmeister & Walsh, among many others.

We love OFFF and are proud to announce that we’re sponsoring it this year, but we don’t want to stop there. We believe in changing the world through digital experiences, so we’re hoping that the way we help you experience OFFF (whether you’re attending or not) is also something special.

Making things happen at OFFF

So what are we up to when it comes to OFFF? For starters, I will be hosting a keynote on May 28 alongside design studio Vasava, where we’ll talk about our vision for truly outstanding creative work while showcasing OFFF’s anniversary book, among other things (hint, hint…). But that’s not all – during OFFF, we’ll have an experiential activity called Make It Experience, where you’ll be able to see firsthand the potential of our mobile-to-desktop workflows by using our mobile apps Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape and Adobe Color to capture inspiration and then collaborating with a resident Adobe artist to complete the creative process on desktop. On top of that, if you’re attending OFFF you’ll be able to experience our Fotolia Photo Studio and have the opportunity to get your Behance portfolio reviewed by amazing world-class artists.

Get your portfolio reviewed by a world-class artist!

Of course, some of you might be wondering: ‘that’s amazing for those attending OFFF, but what about those who aren’t able to go?’. Well, we’ve also got you covered. Among the live event coverage which we’ll do on Twitter and a few other things which we’ll reveal in the meantime, we’re bringing the portfolio reviews to you as well! Here’s how it will work:

  1. Starting today and until May 21, share the link to your Behance profile on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeItUnmasked
  2. Between May 22 and May 27, we’ll be reviewing all the portfolios you sent and selecting the top 3 to be reviewed by world-class artists at OFFF
  3. During OFFF, we’ll send the winners back a personalised video with the artist’s comments on their work

How’s that for a different feedback session? We believe that the best way to make things happen is to #MakeItUnmasked and we’re super excited about what OFFF is all about – hope you are too. But all of this becomes even more interesting if there’s an ongoing exchange between provocative creatives and artists, so we’d love to hear from you. Who’s your favourite artist attending OFFF? What are you looking forward to the most? What’s up with their curious anniversary video? Share your thoughts with the hashtag #MakeItUnmasked.