How Dell Optimizes the Customer Experience

By adopting easy-to-use digital marketing solutions, Dell empowered employees to improve customer experiences from tech support to e-commerce. Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud, help multiple Dell teams effectively support about 1 billion digital visits annually from consumer, business and government customers.

“Our team’s ability to measure and track customer interactions is far beyond where we were only a few years ago,” says Craig Friedman, Director of Analytics, Insights, and Optimization at Dell. “Testing, ad hoc analytics, and data workbench capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud are critical to connecting all of the details, making insights actionable, and delivering optimized experiences.”

Marketers performance is optimized, too, with faster testing cycles, iterative testing methodologies, and a strategic roadmap for creating more targeted, personalized experiences. Dell’s 100,000 premier digital stores for individual corporate customers also benefit from Adobe Marketing Cloud, receiving personalized information about approved configurations, support, and software details.

You can read the full success story here.