Idea machine, sharpshooter… What type of creative designer are you?

It’s easy to think that being a designer is more or less the same for everyone. Easy… unless you know better and actually understand that as there are many types of design, there are many types of designers. So we started wondering: what if we could play with that idea that there are many types of creative designers?

Better yet, what if we gave everyone a chance to try and understand what type of creative designer they are? For example, if you’re reading this: are you more of an idea machine, whose relentless brain just can’t stop proposing solutions as they come up? Or maybe you see yourself as more of a sharpshooter, only suggesting an idea when it’s absolutely perfected in your head and makes for a great solution for your brief?

If questions like these have been on your mind for a while now, this fun quiz is just for you. Ready? Go.