Creative Cloud for Enterprise: Delivering content velocity for modern business success

We have integrated Adobe Experience Manager technology into Creative Cloud for enterprise, enabling a unique, ongoing sync relationship between Creative Cloud and AEM Assets.

Remember the days of one message, carefully crafted and used across all marketing efforts? Those days are long gone. Today, your customers interact with your brand digitally through different channels and expect a relevant, compelling experience on each one. It’s a daunting task, for sure, but when you get it right the result is deeper, more lasting relationships with your customers—and measurable business results. Getting the right experience to the right person at the right time requires not only a personalisation platform like Adobe Marketing Cloud, but an exponential increase in content to fuel these personalised, cross-platform experiences.

Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise is a comprehensive design environment, purpose-built to accelerate what we call content velocity—your speed and throughput in creating high-impact content. A successful digital transformation demands it.

Old linear, file-based workflows no longer work—they’re slow, inflexible and built around isolated desktop software tools. Your organisation needs modern, agile workflows that meet today’s fast-paced and iterative content demands. This requires a new creative environment built around connected assets that can be easily managed, shared and remixed to quickly produce great work—not only by creative pros, but also the broader marketing team.

Every creative professional works with a core set of assets: graphics, colors, logos, brushes, type styles, stock photos, and more. In the enterprise, whole teams work with the same set of these creative assets, often compiled into style guides or campaign libraries. They mix and remix these ingredient assets for specific content deliverables within a project or campaign to meet the demands of personalisation and cross-channel/platform delivery.

Creative Cloud connects your teams and their assets using industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. You increase content velocity by enabling efficient production, organisation, sharing and assembly of assets into branded work that targets and engages your customers through their channel and device of choice.

It’s often more expedient to acquire the assets you need instead of creating them from scratch. Creative Cloud for enterprise builds in over 1,000 font families from Adobe Typekit and access to more than 40 million stock images from Adobe Stock. Your teams have access to all of these assets at their fingertips from right inside their tools. Stock images can be previewed for approval within designs before licensing and then dynamically updated in place to remove the watermark without any additional work. All assets can be used, organized and shared with the same ease and flexibility whether originally created or instantly acquired.

Of course, content is created in order to engage with customers and audiences, whether on mobile, web or print. Creative Cloud for enterprise makes it easy to publish to your audience with a significant new release of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) and tight integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

DPS enables your creative and marketing teams to create and continuously publish content updates into gorgeous mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile without writing a single line of code or using IT resources. Push notifications reach your customers with relevant messages and draw them into your custom app wherever they are. See how many of the world’s leading companies and universities are putting DPS to work in reaching their audiences.

We have also integrated Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) technology into Creative Cloud for enterprise, enabling a unique, ongoing sync relationship between Creative Cloud and AEM Assets, the asset foundation of Adobe Marketing Cloud. This streamlines the creative-to-marketing-to-customer workflow by enabling creative and marketing teams to share access to the same assets and to directly publish them when ready to the web and DPS mobile apps—all within the same system. That’s creative velocity!

Finally, we know your corporate assets are valuable intellectual property. Creative Cloud for enterprise ensures your assets are protected with advanced security capabilities. You can choose from customer-managed encryption keys and a new managed service hosting option, which offers dedicated storage behind your organisation’s firewall. Both hosting options support at-rest encryption, single sign-on and granular control of access to services, workflows and assets so you are always in control while enabling the agile creative workflows your teams need.

I’m incredibly proud that the world’s leading brands trust Creative Cloud to give them the creative velocity necessary for digital transformation. We know how powerful this can be, because we rely on Creative Cloud for enterprise at Adobe in making our own digital transformation.

Find out how Creative Cloud for enterprise can help your organisation by contacting your Adobe representative or requesting a consultation. We look forward to partnering with you on your digital transformation journey!