National ESIGN Day: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Posted by Dan Puterbaugh, Director, Associate General Counsel

We all know that paper can hurt. With electronic signature services and Adobe Document Cloud, we help you save time and money – and hopefully prevent a few paper cuts along the way. Today we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the ESIGN Act, which made e-signatures legal and enforceable in the United States.

To celebrate National ESIGN Day we took to the streets of Washington D.C., handing out bandages to those suffering from paper-related injuries. Not surprising, government workers in D.C. regularly experience paper cuts while wrestling mountains of documents each day. Take a look at how we fought back, one bandage at a time:

Since being signed, the ESIGN Act has done more than just reduce the number of paper cuts. The goal of the Adobe Document Cloud is to optimize and simplify the document-signing process as I outlined in my previous post on the public policy blog.

One of the Document Cloud’s long-term goals is to revolutionize manual public sector processes. The ESIGN Act enabled this goal 15 years ago, and today we continue working to bring all your documents to digital. In the meantime, we’re happy to offer some paper cut relief.