How to create native Mobile Apps & richer ePUBS in RoboHelp 2015

On July 21, 2015, Adobe’s Chief Engineer for RoboHelp 2015, Mr. Amit Jha himself, delivered an in-depth “how to” webinar session on creating mobile apps with RoboHelp 2015.

You can get the recording of this webinar here:

Generating native mobile apps and richer ePUBS with new RoboHelp 2015

Note: you will need to click on [REGISTER] to obtain access to the recording. You will receive a confirmation webpage that has a link with webinar name. Click on that and you will see title and description, and the [REGISTER] button will have changed to [VIEW NOW].

The following minute markers will help you locate the portion of the recording that is of highest relevance or interest to your needs:


Review over new user interface


Content centric apps and ePUB Enhancements


Demo of an ePUB, iBook published live on tablet … can see EMBEDDED FONTS in ePUB format


A look at layout editor choice that enables you to embed custom fonts


How single-click mobile app output worksHow Phonegap:Build is used to facilitate the process


Illustrated steps/workflow for creating a mobile app


LIVE DEMO of creating a mobile app with RoboHelp


View published mobile iOs output in iTools to see how it will look


Using dynamic filters in the mobile app to suppress unwanted detail


How end of mobile app creation displays a QR code and long URL for easy capture of the app


Review over choices in HTML5 layout editor for setting up Filters, etc.


How to preview what tablet of smart phone output will look like; how to control maximum pixel width for media query


NEW ability to show/hide the Branding Bar at top of HTML5 output screen when displayed on small mobile phone screen


Review over Android specific settings in Mobile App Settings


Attendee polling/survey results