Working more easily with Microsoft Word Docs and FrameMaker 2015

It has always been relatively easy to import Word docs into FrameMaker, or to convert Word docs into well-formed FrameMaker files. This process has been dramatically improved in the new release of FrameMaker 2015.

In this webinar session, Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, walks you through how to use an intuitive “style mapper” to assign desired paragraph, character and table styles to types of Word formatting before you import the file. You may view the engaging (and fun) process for working with Word files by clicking on the TITLE below:

Now work more easily with Word documents and FrameMaker 2015

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The following minute markers will help you locate the portion of the recording that is of highest relevance or interest to your needs:


Topics to be covered


LIVE DEMO …A blank document, which is a FrameMaker template to import Word document into


Review over how most of the world just does an “open” of a Word document and get an “average quality” FrameMaker document Review of typical cleanup with old method


Saving the traditional “open Word to FM” conversion for comparison


View of the finished results we intend to achieve with new methods; review over page layout and para styles in FrameMaker template


Steps for IMPORT BY COPY to bring Word content into FrameMaker


FrameMaker gives benign warning, and then a NEW WORD IMPORT mapping tableREVIEW over choices to create new style or to map to existing FM styles


Initial results are reviewed

23:00 – 31:00

DEMO of typical steps to clean up WORD content that you have mapped until you achieve desired “settings” which you save as an *.sts file to re-use


DEMO of many enhancements to Tables


Working with CONDITIONAL TEXT CONTROL in tablesNEW: ability to apply CONDITIONS to TABLE COLUMNS


NEW NAVIGATION gestures to move w/in tables and add rows while editing


NEW: how to insert/generate a “mini-TOC” (Table of Contents) within document; traditionally called “chapter-relative TOC