Working with XML and DITA just got easier with FrameMaker 2015

01 QET better FrameMaker 2015 has introduced a number of significant enhancements and new tools specific to creating and handling DITA or XML projects. In this webinar session, product evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, walks you through a number of new tools and workflows that will save you countless hours and make your life easier when it comes to XML. You may view the engaging (and fun) process for working with Word files by clicking on the TITLE below:

You can get the recording of this webinar here:

Real XML/DITA authoring just got better with FrameMaker 2015

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Diagram of major improvements to QET (Quick Element Toolkit)
How to select new OPTIONAL Simplified XML View
LIVE DEMO: view of traditional structured interface in FrameMaker out-of-box if you haven’t made any choices for simplified editing
Seeing all XML CODE only with the “Code View” in FrameMaker 2015
Tooltip over insertion point will show ancestor hierachy
View of the “traditional” Author View; content is somewhat simplified, no page headers/footers … you concentrate on content, not formatting. AUTHOR VIEW has been tremendously improved with optional SIMPLIFIED XML
How to insert elements with keyboard shortcut and “smart insert” which displays only legal elements within pop-up, floating menu- Hitting return item at correct point to create another LIST ITEM - Using the QUICK ELEMENT TOOLBAR to swiftly create content in the TRADITIONAL AUTHOR VIEW. - FILE IS SAVED, so we can continue editing after turning on the NEW AUTHOR VIEW simplified interface
IMPROVEMENT TO STRUCTURE VIEW: current element node is darkened to assist you in locating your current structure.
DEMO of how to turn on SIMPLIFIED XML VIEW,… you can also choose to have an ALERT that will offer to insert your ELEMENT at the next valid insertion point
We reload FrameMaker and RESTORE LAST SESSION, which remembers which XML files were open and WHERE THE INSERTION POINT WAS
FIRST LOOK of the new SIMPLE XML AUTHOR VIEW …- there is no structure tree - there are no element tags around content - the QUICK ELEMENT TOOLBAR will dynamically change icons available depending on type of DITA DOC you are working in
You have a “fill-in-form” view … with a red asterisk indicating where you have mandatory changes.
We have swiftly created a list within a list …- Hitting TAB key automatically makes next list item be part of a nested list - SHIFT TAB will make next new item be part of the “parent” list - We go back to traditional page view to show how to do drag and drop in structure view
Working with tables in Author View and also Page View- Adding content within table
We attempt to create a SECTION ELEMENT within a table row … pop-up prompt offers to put the SECTION in the next valid location … which it does.we achieve a new SECTION after the tableTAKE-AWAY: we accomplished all of this WITHOUT VIEWING A STRUCTURE TREE of CODES
REVIEW of new enhancements to the STRUCTURE VIEW
How to drag an ELEMENT and drop it over a COLLAPSED ELEMENT: FrameMaker will EXPAND the collapsed element so you can detect the valid insertion point while you are dragging the element
MathML improvements
DITA 1.3 SUPPORT enhancements … which areas we suppport
Useful RESOURCES for FrameMaker and XML