Helping Our Employees Care for Their Families

Caring for yourself and your family at home helps you be your best at work. But in the U.S., government mandates for paid leave are currently slim to nonexistent. That means companies must navigate the tough balance between supporting employees during major life events and meeting business goals. Too often, employees have not had the support they need.Today we announced some exciting improvements to our Adobe family leave programs. We join an industry movement to better support our employees while striving towards increased workforce diversity. I am very proud that Adobe and others in the technology industry such as Microsoft and Netflix are stepping up to drive some fundamental changes that support working families.

Highlights of Adobe’s new U.S. leave programs, effective, November 1, include:

At Adobe, we often say that our most important assets leave the building at the end of the day. Our employees are our intellectual property and our future. Now we will better support all of them, across a spectrum of age, gender and experience, with a diverse mix of family needs and situations. The investment is unquestionably worth it.