The Consumerization of Government Era: Why FedRAMP℠ Can Help the Public Sector Stay One Step Ahead

By John Landwehr

A few years ago, everybody was talking about the consumerization of IT—the notion that consumers’ technology choices were changing the face of corporate information technology. We saw more and more companies move to embrace smartphone and tablet use, as employees were doing in their personal lives.

Today, the consumerization of government era is in full swing. With more people getting content and information on their mobile devices and more consumer services moving to the cloud, there is a clear demand on government to make its services available via the cloud and on mobile platforms.

That’s why today’s news that Adobe received FedRAMP**℠** Authority to Operate for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Connect is so important. Being able to move core citizen and employee experiences to the cloud means government can be more nimble, efficient and responsive, and keep up with the trends in computing happening in the consumer marketplace. In short, government now has the tools to act like the most creative and agile business.

FedRAMP also addresses security concerns many have about cloud computing. As the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group found in a study earlier this year, security concerns remain a major factor in preventing government agencies from fully embracing cloud services. Nearly half of government IT leaders and key technology decision-makers are still “uncomfortable” turning over IT to the cloud, making FedRAMP authorization more important than ever for establishing trust in cloud services.

And the benefits are too real to ignore. A MeriTalk report last year found that the Federal Government could save $18.9 billion annually by migrating services and applications to the cloud. Despite these projected cost savings, only one quarter of government agencies deliver some of their IT services through the cloud. CIOs across government agencies and the private sector must understand that FedRAMP represents the future of digital government by providing a standardized, secure process of selecting cloud service providers that can be used across every government agency.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud-based assets and content can be effortlessly shared, managed and deployed through streamlined collaborative workflows. And with a growing number of citizens relying on mobile devices for internet connectivity, the same tools allow citizens instant access to digital government content, regardless of their location. FedRAMP allows greater innovation, ultimately leading in a faster time to modernization and allowing government organizations to embrace and reap the rewards of the consumerization of government, instead of falling victim to it.

The FedRAMP program represents the best of public-private sector collaboration, allowing government direct access to the same advanced digital tools that the private sector relies on daily. Adobe’s FedRAMP-certified cloud solutions – Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Connect – enable organizations to create and deliver the highest-quality content for citizens, warfighters and employees. Adobe is proud to be a part of the FedRAMP program, combining our creative history with today’s state-of-the-art technology to allow government to bring the best of art and science together, to provide the best experience to government customers and citizens, across all channels and devices.

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