Watch the Look, Shop the Look

Have you been experimenting with shoppable video? If not, you should. Over 100 million hours of how-to videos were watched this year alone, so it’s clear that video is an important marketing channel. Shoppable video enables consumers to click on the products shown in these videos and purchase them. Many of the top retail, hospitality, consumer-packaged goods and education brands we work with have seen conversion double when customers engage with video, and they are keen to execute shoppable video as part of their marketing plan to drive conversion even higher. Shoppable or interactive video is a key component of acquisition-driven campaigns, conversion-driven product or services overviews, and even loyalty-driven how-to or training related videos.

But what’s been holding them back so far? Most shoppable video today is typically produced by a video production agency as a one-off, which makes it difficult to scale. It is expensive to produce and requires technical resources to deploy. Since it is built on a non-standard player it is difficult to implement across all screens and track reliable metrics to show how it impacts results. These problems detract from a marketer’s mission to rapidly deliver engaging, cost-effective experiences at scale.

Transforming Digital Assets into Shoppable Media Experiences

At Adobe Summit this year we unveiled how we’re transforming digital assets into shoppable experiences. To help marketers make any video shoppable — quickly and more cost effectively than ever before — today Adobe is launching Shoppable Video authoring and publishing as part of Adobe Experience Manager Assets. This eliminates the costly developer time formerly required to produce shoppable or interactive videos, allowing marketers to deliver shoppable video at scale, driving more engagement and conversion from any device.

Check out this video to see exactly how easy it is

In addition to enabling purchase directly from the video, marketers can add links to lead generation forms, quickview product details, landing page microsites, and other campaign activities at cue points in the video, all from a simple drag-and-drop user interface. All products and services that were shown during the video are featured in a call to action at the end of the video.

Shoppable Video Reimagined

Unlike other alternatives for creating shoppable videos, the AEM Assets authoring user interface is easy to use and available out of the box, which allows marketers to author, publish and get results quickly without involving technical resources. Delivering the video to web or mobile properties is part of a standard process — as a URL, embed code or an AEM Sites component. Engagement metrics such as video views and dropoff are available automatically in AEM Assets, and all video events including click-through can be easily tracked via Adobe Analytics for more detailed conversion funnel reporting.

Even more importantly, end customers get a best-in-class interactive viewing experience, including a scrolling side panel that features the products or services shown in the video. This intuitive experience allows them to link to product or service detail at their leisure, without disrupting the video playback experience or making the video feel too much like a moving advertisement. HTML5 responsive video players resize automatically based on page break points and use built-in device detection to optimize streaming on any device.

We are working with customers across a wide range of industries to begin to use interactive video in a variety of use cases that drive conversion, from lead generation, to purchase and call to action, to linking to more details on additional services and product documentation.

The new shoppable video authoring tool and player is included with AEM Assets and Dynamic Media at no additional cost. Experience Manager Assets, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, seamlessly enables collaboration, sharing, management and delivery of assets between creative professionals and marketing teams. It is available as a managed hosted service or on demand for quick time-to-market implementations.

Are you ready to scale your shoppable video strategy?

For more information read the release notes, check out the demo and register for the webinar.