Capturing the colours of Europe

With the Creative Cloud 2015 update, we announced quite a few new developments to continue helping you make your very best creative work – including through mobile apps. One of our favourite amongst those is Adobe Color CC. It’s super simple to use and incredibly useful to help you capture that perfect colour palette around you and use it for your work. So we did a little experiment with it: what if you could capture the colours of some major European capitals?

The colours of Europe

The process was very simple: we picked photos that we thought effectively represented London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm in terms of their vibrant colour mixes. Then we used Adobe Color to understand what the most predominant colours were in each of those pictures, and voilà – you get a different way of looking at some of the major European cities through colour.

Here’s how they ended up looking.

What are the colours of your city?

This is an experiment that anyone can do. In fact, we’d like to challenge you to do it. Look around you, your city, your surroundings, wherever you are – there’s potentially dozens, if not hundreds, of colours that you can capture to make your work even more awesome. How you do it is quite simple, and if you’re not familiar with this mobile app, we have the perfect tutorial on how to use Adobe Color CC.

Ready to #MakeIt? Go! And if you’d like to share your results with us, feel free to do so on Twitter @AdobeUK.