Acrobat DC: Separating Myth from Fact

Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. So, we’d like to clear up a few misconceptions you may have heard about Adobe Acrobat DC (Document Cloud).

MYTH: Acrobat DC is a cloud product only, and there is no option for purchase of desktop software like in the past.
FACT: Adobe offers our customers’ a choice. Acrobat DC (Std or Pro) is offered as a subscription or one-time desktop purchase.

To learn more about the different software licensing models and compare them, check out Rick Borstein’s post on A new way to buy Acrobat DC: Subscription.

MYTH: Acrobat DC only runs in “the cloud” in your browser.
FACT: Acrobat DC software runs on your desktop, just like it always has. You can also perform essential PDF tasks—like creating, exporting and signing PDFs—from a web browser or mobile device. To learn more about the Acrobat DC mobile apps that provide seamless integration between desktop and mobile click here.

MYTH: You always have to be online to use Acrobat DC.
FACT: The first time you open Acrobat DC desktop software, you’ll need an Internet connection for activation. After that, you’ll be able to work offline with ease. If you purchase a subscription, you’ll be asked to log in periodically to verify your credentials. Also, two new Acrobat tools—Send for Signature and Send & Track—require an online connection.

MYTH: You can only save documents to the cloud in Acrobat DC.
FACT: Acrobat DC allows you to save and open your files locally or from Document Cloud, Creative Cloud, or even SharePoint. To easily access recently used files between different types of devices (phone/tablet/desktop) you can use Mobile Link. Mobile Link stores recently used files in Document Cloud so you can access them on any device, and you can also turn this feature off.

MYTH: Security is a concern when using Adobe Document Cloud services and storage with Acrobat DC.
FACT: We use a practice known as the Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC)—a set of specific security activities spanning software development practices, processes and tools—that is integrated into multiple stages of the product lifecycle. To learn more, check out the Adobe Document Cloud security whitepaper.

To demystify these myths for yourself, try downloading a free 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat DC today.