Adwords Reports You Should Be Using for Deeper Campaign Insight

There are some under-utilized Adwords reports that can help you understand your paid search campaigns at a deeper level. Using the following reports can help you identify the effectiveness of the changes and updates you make, give you insight into the search terms that are working, and help you see the balance between your paid and your organic search returns – all leading to a better understanding of how everything is working together.

The Top Movers Report

It is important to know when one of your keywords or ads is experiencing major changes. Whether the campaign is improving or losing traction, being aware means you can adapt and capitalize. The Top Movers report can show you changes in four metric areas:

For example, a campaign you are running may see a major drop in clicks – a more significant drop than any other campaign. When this information appears on the Top Movers report, you can adapt by altering keywords, bids, or audience so you get the results you are looking for without spending unnecessary time or money. On the other hand, another campaign may show significant improvement in cost, and running the Top Movers report should prompt you to look into changes your competition has made, budget changes for your account, or even changes to search query volume.

The Search Terms Report

Information about AdWords campaigns from the searcher’s perspective can help you re-think how you go about using keywords and your strategy for connecting with future customers or clients. The Search Terms report gives you the actual terms the customer entered when he/she performed the search and saw your ad.

The keywords in the Search Terms report give you insight into how a customer is attempting to find your business. By seeing the actual search queries, your keywords and ads matched to them, the report can help you add negative keywords to your campaigns so you aren’t paying for ads that are irrelevant. This information can all be applied to help you reach the right people.

Here is an example: If you sell bike parts for commuters, but you see that your ad is showing when people search “mountain bike parts,” you can add “mountain” as a negative keyword so your ads will not show in those searches.

Does running paid search ads for brand keywords help you or is it just costing you money? This report can help you answer that question.

First, you will be able to understand how adding or not running ads affects your overall results. You will also be able to discover organic keywords or search terms that are leading to clicks to your site that can be added to your AdWords keywords..

Using the paid and organic search results report to compare the two side-by-side can provide you with a strategy for increasing results on both.. Results from one can inform the other, leading to stronger ad copy, web content, keyword use, and future ad campaigns. For example, you can see which paid keywords are returning positive results and use them in web content for more engaging and better performing organic search result traffic.

Now You Know

What you discover from running the Top Movers report, the Search Terms report, and the Paid and Organic search report will help you choose ads, write ad copy, manage keywords, and make decisions that improve your conversions. Set yourself up to run these reports regularly so you have these deeper insights to inform your everyday campaign actions.