Adobe Genuine Software Pilot Adds Support for Creative Products

Back in May, we launched a pilot of the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service a new element of our Adobe Genuine initiative that aims to inform and protect individuals who have unknowingly bought non-genuine Adobe software. Starting this month, the pilot is adding support for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud versions of Adobe applications.

The Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service was launched to provide help and support to our customers who have become the victims of unscrupulous suppliers selling non-genuine software with potentially harmful malware and viruses. It works by periodically running verification testing, which checks for any tampering with the Adobe Software or improper and invalid licenses, and informs customers they are running non-genuine software by means of a pop-up notification. Some users may see the Adobe Software Integrity Service running in the computer’s task manager or activity monitor, and other users may have already received a notification informing them their software is not genuine. For more information, there is an FAQ here.

Of course, if someone is already unknowingly using non-genuine or counterfeit software, it is often too late to prevent the harmful malware and viruses that can affect productivity and data security. If customers finds themselves in this situation, Adobe recommends resolving by replacing the non-genuine software with Adobe Genuine software.

Additionally, as part of the Adobe Genuine initiative, Adobe also works to ensure that the supply of non-genuine software is reduced. One way this is done is through Adobe’s Online Enhancement Program which operates worldwide helping to protect customers from inadvertently purchasing non-genuine software by searching for, and removing, illegal sellers that are in online marketplaces and on social sites. Since the program started in 2013, Adobe has been able to reduce the percentage of “Bad Ads” online and has initiated more than 14,000 removals within popular online marketplaces.

Adobe continues to develop, enhance and broaden these programs to ensure all our customers are buying and using Adobe Genuine software – it’s part of our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all.

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UPDATE – August 31, 2016

Starting August 2016, Creative Suite and Creative Cloud customers in the US will start to see pop up notifications if one or more of the Adobe software products they are using is not genuine. For more information, please visit