Three Ways to Gain a High Definition View of the Consumer

Today’s consumers respond well to personalized, relevant experiences created by marketers—when they are done right. When they are done wrong, however, personalization efforts can turn your customers away and fuel distrust in the process. Mistakes such as making recommendations based on browsing history from third-party sites or targeted ads exploiting consumer information without permission can cause lasting damage to your brand’s reputation.

Many of these oversights stem from the greatest challenges digital marketers face today: the ability to merge fragments of data and collect data across multiple channels. Up to this point, such personalization solutions have been a divided highway for marketing organizations. In one lane, marketers have leveraged data management platforms (DMPs) to activate anonymous cookie-based data in display ads, search, and video, but are prohibited from incorporating personally identifiable information (PII). In the other lane are established campaign management solutions, which apply PII to deliver relevant messages across direct marketing channels but often fail to incorporate anonymous data collected on a brand’s property or data from partners to fuel complete cross-channel experiences.

Both data management platforms and campaign management solutions have been separated by an impermeable median, working alone to develop 360-degree views of anonymous and identified consumers, respectively. This limits marketers from extending reach and makes it difficult to combine and manage various sets of data. This concept of the 360-degree customer view has really jumped the shark. Today’s consumers expect more, and marketers responsible for reaching these consumers will need the right tools to bring together a more unified and complete view of every single customer they acquire while making sure they do so in a way that respects consumer privacy.

Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign: Activating Cross-Channel Marketing Experiences

To address these key data challenges, we are excited to announce the direct integration between Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign. By bringing these two solutions together, marketers will now be able to manage first-, second-, and third-party data responsibly to provide better cross-channel consumer insights than ever before.

This integration provides marketers with three key ways to gain a high definition view of the consumer:

1. Look-Alike Modeling: This approach allows you to take anonymous data from your best, known customer profiles in Campaign and hand them to Audience Manager, which can identify thousands more that possess very similar traits and behavioral patterns. This might kick off an acquisition program in display or onsite channels and continue with additional lifecycle marketing. Look-alike modeling allows you to grow revenue by acquiring more customers while boosting marketing efficiency in the process.

2. Data Governance: Building consumer trust is all about doing the right thing with the data that you possess. First to market, the Data Export Control capability in Adobe Audience Manager prevents marketers from combining anonymous third party cookie data with PII, automatically ensuring that your brand does not violate consumer trust when reaching out in direct channels. By nurturing and developing your brand’s trust through responsible management of consumer data, you’ll increase revenue and loyalty while reducing risk of data privacy issues.

3. Smarter Segmentation: By bringing anonymous data from Audience Manager such as site browsing behavior or demographic data into Adobe Campaign, you’ll enhance the known customer profile, creating a richer view of the individual for targeting in direct marketing campaigns. Anonymized data can also be shared from Campaign to Audience Manager for segmentation that might lead to more refined ad display retargeting. When you enrich the customer profile with behavioral data, you’ll quickly monetize your customer knowledge by driving more relevance and conversions.

The concept of a 360-degree view of the customer is outdated: the time for a high-definition upgrade is now. By leveraging a 360-degree view of first-, second-, and third-party data respectively, this integration allows you to gain a full 1080p, high definition view of the consumer.

We hope you will join us at the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference on September 16-17th, to learn more about the Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign integration.