Announcing the First-Ever Adobe Creative Catalyst Award Recipients

Inspiration does not live in isolation; it is a combination of forces that crystallize into creative potential.

With the new Adobe Creative Catalyst Award, Project 1324 recognizes leading youth arts organizations worldwide that support and inspire the next generation of creatives. Through innovative programs, these organizations respond to local needs and develop and engage creative expression as a force for positive youth development and social change.

We are pleased to announce our inaugural group of Creative Catalyst Award recipients!

These organizations will receive a lab donation of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software for up to 25 computers. Participating youth from these organizations can apply to the Adobe Creativity Scholarship Program, which provides education grants to youth pursuing a creative path in higher education. Creative Catalysts will also have opportunities for peer-to-peer learning as well as other grant and convening opportunities.

Project 1324 will spotlight the innovative work happening at Creative Catalyst organizations on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

To hear more about the Creative Catalyst organizations and when Project 1324 will be accepting the next round of nominations for the Adobe Creative Catalyst Awards, follow @project1324 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and @Adobe on Snapchat.