Adobe Announces Major Updates to its Entire Photoshop and Lightroom Product Line

Last week I had the privilege of meeting with some of the top 3D artists in the world and it blew me away to learn about the attention to detail they pour into every facial expression, lighting condition, even every eyelash on human models, to make 3D objects look as real as humanly (or digitally) possible.

At Adobe, you, our customers have always been our inspiration, using the products we build to make things that we couldn’t possibly imagine ourselves. Today we announce major updates to our entire digital imaging portfolio that will enable you to continue surprising us with your creations.

First, a quick summary of the release and a glimpse of where we’re headed. We believe every creative person should have access to our tools, no matter who or where you are. We are enabling that by rapidly expanding our solutions beyond Photoshop and Lightroom, the deep and powerful desktop tools you know so well, to delivering world-class imaging tools in new ways, on new devices, completely reimagined for modern media, new technical innovations and speedier workflows. You’ll see below that all of our apps are now connected via CreativeSync, which enables you to start something on one device or in one application and seamlessly take it further in another tool—significantly increasing your freedom to create anywhere. Working together, we can erase creative boundaries and continue to have great impact on the world through beautiful images.

Today’s announcement is so broad that some product updates are immediately available while others are still undergoing finishing touches from our engineers and will ship in the coming weeks.

As always, all the updates are available to Creative Cloud members according to your plan.

Here’s what’s available today:

Lightroom CC 2015

Today’s release covers the full Lightroom ecosystem across desktop, web, and mobile. Now your photography goes where you go even more seamlessly. Organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere—on your computer, on the web, on your iPad, and on your iPhone or Android devices.

New in Lightroom CC Desktop:

New in Lightroom for mobile for iOS, version 2.0:

New in Lightroom for mobile for Android, version 1.3 includes:

New in Lightroom for web:

You can get Lightroom from the links below:

Read more about Lightroom on the Lightroom Journal here.

Photoshop CC

Create anything you can imagine, anywhere you are.

Photoshop CC is a family of desktop and mobile apps, connected to each other and to your creative assets via CreativeSync, so you can tap into the power, precision, and performance of Photoshop wherever you are to create anything you can imagine—including images, 2D and 3D designs, videos, and more.

For the Photoshop family, we’re focusing on two major initiatives:

First, deliver tools where our customers can do real work on mobile devices with Photoshop Fix, Mix and Sketch, all connected to each other and our desktop products via CreativeSync for a vibrant ecosystem of new capabilities and workflows so you can push your creativity further than ever before in new locations, on new devices.

Second, we are investing in delivering new capabilities and efficiencies for designers in desktop Photoshop. Over the past two years we have made a major investment in new design tools across type and fonts, Artboards, Linked Assets, Creative Cloud Libraries, Adobe Stock, Asset Export, 3D (and MUCH more…) and with this new version we are making Design Space (preview) available to more customers and in more languages. This is a new space inside Photoshop, custom created to address the workflows of today’s web, UI and app designers.

Here’s today’s news:

Photoshop Fix 1.0 – NEW!

We are thrilled today to introduce and make immediately available Photoshop Fix, a new mobile app built to make non-destructive image retouching easier than ever before. With Fix, we started with the state-of-the-art retouching technology from Photoshop and Lightroom, added some new secret sauce and packaged it all up in a mobile workflow specifically designed to make retouching fast and easy while on the go, while still producing Photoshop-quality results.

Fix includes Liquify to reshape any area of an image; Healing Brush to remove image imperfections such as scratches and blemishes; Smooth to easily smooth or sharpen areas of a landscape or parts of skin; unmatched face detection that recognizes when a specific section of the face is selected and enables detailed refinements; and much more.

Fix even delivers amazing performance on images from high-end DSLRs (depending on your hardware capabilities). Try it out. I promise you won’t have seen this kind of performance on a mobile device before.

Fix is deeply connected to Lightroom and Photoshop through CreativeSync. You can edit your Lightroom images directly in Photoshop Fix and save them back to your Lightroom catalog without ever leaving Fix. Use Photoshop to open a retouched image you created in Fix and get the full, layered PSD file showing all the adjustments and masks from your Fix edits.

It is available free on iPhone and iPad.

Download and give Fix a whirl here.

Photoshop Mix 2.0

Today we have released Photoshop Mix 2.0. This is a major update to Mix with many new features and improvements throughout the app, including a completely new architecture that leverages Apple’s Metal framework.

Photoshop Mix is a compositing app built using Photoshop technology that delivers a deep, focused, non-destructive editing experience on a mobile device. It enables you to do real work while away from your desktop. Through CreativeSync, Mix also connects to many of Adobe’s other mobile apps like Fix for retouching workflows and Lightroom for image enhancements, so you can easily produce multifaceted projects in a completely mobile environment. Plus, if you want to take your projects even further, you can quickly move your layered and masked compositions to Photoshop CC, and benefit from all its goodness. And now, there’s even non-destructive smart filter support in Photoshop CC for Mix looks.

Just some of what’s new in Mix today:

Mix is free and available on iPhone and iPad and Android (2.0 on Android coming soon).

Get Mix 2.0 for iOS here.

Get Mix 1.2 for Android here.

For more information about Mix visit here.

Photoshop Sketch 3.0

We’re happy to release Photoshop Sketch 3.0 today. This update brings a host of new painting and drawing features to help you create even more realistic artwork.

Photoshop Sketch is an expressive sketching and painting app for your iPad. It includes 14 built-in tools including pencils, markers, a pen, brand-new watercolor brushes and the ability to use images for a collage or reference. We have added new watercolor brushes that blend and simulate water just like traditional watercolor.

Last week I watched a portrait artist paint with the new watercolor brushes in Sketch. The realistic performance of the paint is truly beautiful.

You can also create your own realistic brushes for use in Sketch from images using the newly announced and released Adobe Capture CC. We’ve redesigned the Sketch interface so you can draw with your toolbar on the left or right hand side as well as customize the toolbar to contain just the tools you like. Finally, we’ve added new built-in stamping and tracing shapes and new perspective and graph grids to help you sketch more realistically. And you can integrate your art into other designs by sending it via CreativeSync to Illustrator where it can be scaled up losslessly to 4x. Or you can send it to Photoshop as a layered PSD file.

Get Sketch here.

For more information about Sketch.

Adobe Camera Raw 9.2

Adobe Camera Raw 9.2 releases today and remains in sync with Lightroom with the ability to easily remove or add atmospheric haze in specific areas of your photos using the Local Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter, and Graduated Filter plus, a new way to navigate through your images when zoomed in. And as always you will get support for more cameras and lenses.

For more information about ACR, visit the Lightroom Journal here.

Here’s what will be available in the coming weeks:

Photoshop CC 2015


Today, we are announcing a major update to the desktop version of Photoshop. One new web-based component of Photoshop will ship today, which I will describe below. The primary Photoshop desktop application will ship in the coming weeks when we release all our other desktop apps like InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Premier Pro CC, etc. and I will write a detailed blog post about Photoshop on that date. To whet your appetite, here is just some of what we are adding:

More information about Photoshop CC here.

New 3D Animation Service

Available today is a new 3D animation service. With this new service, you can upload 3D characters, where they are automatically rigged and you can choose from our library of 10,000 animations to bring your character to life.

We are thrilled to deliver this to you and can’t wait to see what you create.


Pam Clark

Director of Product Management, Photoshop