At MAX, Content Velocity Meets Its Match

Today is a big day. More than 7,000 people from all over the world are coming together to join us for Adobe MAX, our largest creative conference to date. This is the first time I’ll be taking the stage after stepping back into the role as leader of our creative business, and I’m thrilled to be part of this community again.


As I look at the landscape, the challenges before us are great, yet the role of the creative has never been more critical – and that’s exciting.

In today’s multiscreen, multi-medium world, customers expect to interact with content when and where they want, whether in print, on the web, for mobile or for desktop. Not only has the volume of media and apps exploded, consumers are demanding more personalized and authentic experiences… faster. The onus is on content producers and brands to keep up or lose out. And while consumers’ expectations of content have dramatically risen, the time they have to engage is shrinking – along with the screen size.

New research released by Adobe today paints a vivid picture of what we’re up against. It shows on average, U.S. consumers are using six devices and viewing 12 different sources of content. (So, I shouldn’t feel that bad carrying two phones, a laptop and a tablet while streaming Netflix on my TV.) Eighty-eight percent of consumers report they “multiscreen,” using nearly three devices simultaneously.

With all this competition for viewers’ attention, design has an increasingly central role in winning over audiences. According to our research, seven in 10 people report that they are likely to stop viewing content or switch devices if the content layout or imagery is unattractive or if the content is too long. It’s not enough to deliver functionality — your content must inform AND delight customers more than ever.


Across the past couple of decades in the creative software industry, we’ve navigated multiple waves of change. The demand for creative content expands with each wave. Today, I’m seeing key trends converge in a way that raises the importance of design, while at the same time creating unprecedented demand for personalized content that must be delivered faster than ever. We call this “content velocity.”

This is the backdrop as we gather for MAX.

I’m also excited about the innovation we’re delivering to Creative Cloud members today which will help them be more productive, iterate faster, and connect workflows across desktop and mobile apps.

Everything we offer with Creative Cloud is powered through CreativeSync, which seamlessly connects content and teams. CreativeSync is the heart of Creative Cloud and helps teams work in a more modern, connected way so they can focus on their ideas and creativity that drive unforgettable experiences.

It’s exciting to be part of Adobe MAX. Collectively, we’re bringing together the world’s best creativity, experience and product innovations. Watch the keynotes on Day 1 and Day 2.