In Service of Creativity

By Jerry Silverman

Adobe recognizes design-led innovation in the Public Sector

Adobe is excited and honored to recognize some of the best creative work we’ve seen over the past year with a special set of awards targeted at exceptional Public Sector agencies.

The quality of this year’s many submissions clearly illustrates how design-centric innovation has become a core strategic consideration for engaging citizens and adapting to the continuous “consumerization” of government services.

Award-winners were announced yesterday evening at our Public Sector Reception at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, CA!

Awards were announced in the categories:

And now… announcing the Winners!

Most Engaging Citizen-Facing Campaign

Winner: US Capitol Rotunda App

US Capitol Visitor Center, Washington, DC


Explore 360-degree views and panoramic images of the Rotunda and learn about the history and different facets of the Capitol’s U.S. Capitol Rotunda in this interactive platform built with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (Adobe DPS) technologies. Videos, infographics, photography, and historical illustrations provide the next best experience to actually touring in person.****

**Honorable Mention: **National Cancer Institute’s

Sapient Government Services, Arlington, VA


This fully responsive website uses infographics and images to make information engaging and memorable. The site, a collaborative effort between Sapient Government and the National Institutes of Health, reduced the number of pages on the site from 24,000 pages to 6,800.

Honoring Heroes in the Public Sector

Winner: Airman Magazine

Odenton, MD


AIRMAN magazine showcased wounded Air Force athletes competing in the 2014 Warrior Games in their Warrior Athletes edition of October 2014. Powerful images of athletes participating in their sports make an immediate—and inspiring—impact.

Honorable Mention: Volunteer State Guard Magazine

Rob Pennington, Smyrna, TN


This issue of Volunteer State Guard Magazine, the online magazine of the Tennessee National Guard, features Angie Johnson, a Tennessee Guard Tech. Sgt. who is launching a career in the music industry and was recently a contestant on The Voice. This entry shows the creative process of developing the issue.

Best Integrated Campaign/Cross-Channel

Winner:Art of Data

Jose Gonzalez, Kansas City, MO


The Art of Data exhibit represented a unique visual perspective on the data that drives decisions and improvements in Kansas City, Missouri. This project embodied the spirit of a cross-channel campaign and brought people together to view data using a nontraditional platform.

Honorable Mention and Winner of Community Choice Award: US Forest Services Rebrand

Mitchell Friedman, Lawrence, KS


The US Forest Services Rebrand project received runner-up for the Cross Channel category as well as the People’s Choice Award. This campaign was created to make the Forest Service more relevant, powerful, friendly, understandable, and user friendly. It integrates the branding from the digital to the physical world, incorporating badges, park maps, signage, letterheads, business cards, and even stamps.

Answering the call to inform and delight

Whether honoring a hero, reaching a citizen audience with a unified cross-media message, or inspiring and encouraging a connection with citizens, the designers, producers, and publishers of the Public Sector are delivering work that’s as colorful and rich as the citizenry it serves. Creativity in the Public Sector is thriving like never before, and Adobe is proud to provide the platform chosen by creatives in government to express their unique talents in the service of their country.