Adobe Partners with Motorola to Improve Public Safety

Findings in the July 2015 Bureau of Justice Statistics Equipment and Technology report demonstrate that in 2013 one in three police departments used body-worn cameras, while car cameras grew from 61% to 68% between 2007 and 2013. As the need to properly manage live video evidence becomes increasingly important to law enforcement agencies, new solutions are essential for ensuring public safety. In a study by the University of South Florida, body-worn cameras (BWC) were found to be an effective tool in reducing response-to resistance incidents (a 53% reduction), external complaints (a 65% reduction), and improving overall police work.

Today, Motorola Solutions, a leader in law enforcement technology, announced the development of new solutions powered by Adobe software to securely store, review, manage, and share digital evidence. Motorola is integrating Adobe’s industry leading content management and digital video technologies with CommandCentral Vault, to deploy visual effects, workflow management, and digital rights management capabilities.

Adobe’s digital media leadership is a natural fit for Motorola’s public sector efforts. The ability to search, review, and annotate helps to reduce administrative time and expenses, as well as facilitate the adaptation process. Other features such as customizable forms make for greater engagement with constituents which will enhance transparency with citizens. With quicker response rates, agencies will be better prepared to respond to content requests.

This partnership will provide end-to-end digital evidence management solutions encompassing Adobe’s key content management capabilities and Motorola’s experience providing new solutions for law enforcement agencies. Adobe looks forward to working with Motorola to provide solutions that keep both officers and the public safer, and allows law enforcement agencies to operate more efficiently. As work between Adobe and Motorola progresses, there will be more details about this exciting partnership to come in the future.

Learn more about the Si500/Si300 here. Learn more about CommandCentral Vault here. Learn more about the Digital Evidence Management Solution here.