Introducing Adobe’s Digital Government Survey

Across all industries, technology is enabling organizations to improve their connections with consumers.

The expectations that consumers have in their interactions with the private sector extend to their interactions with the public sector. Today we’re seeing more and more innovation happening within government as agencies seek to tap new technology trends to better service their own customers – US citizens.

But how many US citizens are actually engaging with the government digitally? What factors are most important to citizens when using government tools online, and do they see this as a budget priority? To answer these questions Adobe commissioned a study to explore how citizens interact with their government online, and how they feel about the digital government tools currently available to them. This survey yielded broad and compelling results, showcasing citizen perceptions of government online services, their current frustrations and optimistic outlooks, and even how digital experiences can shape their voting habits.

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out the results of this study. Today, we’re excited to introduce the first part of a series of infographics showcasing the findings. We look forward to sharing our insights and driving the conversation on the future of the digital government. Follow along with @AdobeGov on Twitter and share your reactions using the #AdobeCitizenPoll hashtag.