Wise words from the jury of the Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015

Who’s the best creative of all times? Kids. Of course. They always are.

So, who are the most creative young talents in the Nordic countries?

We may soon have an answer. The Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award was founded last year by Adobe Nordic and the Swedish magazine CAP&Design, to find and draw attention to the most creative talents under the age of 28 from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In the future, these young people will challenge, develop and change creative processes and, in turn, the entire creative industry.

Who is going to win this year's beautiful Nordic Creative Talent Award?

Two people from each country will be awarded and receive The Brick at the Creative Meet Up in Stockholm November 12. According to Anna Rose, Nordic Marketing Manager for Digital Media at Adobe Nordic:

The Brick symbolizes what we want this award to be: an important building block in the winners’ careers. We have received more nominations than expected and it is very satisfying to see that the interest for the competition is growing. Last, but not least, being able to present a jury this competent makes us proud. It says something about what this award is about to become.

The jury of the Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015

Among the jury members we have a selection of amazing creatives. They include:

To understand how they feel about the current design landscape, we asked them a few questions.

Digge Zetterberg: If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to choose one graphic designer to join you there, who would it be?

Tough one! But I think I’d go for Mike Monteiro. He’s taken such an active stand for the design community as well as mentoring younger designers. On top of that, he seems like a lot of fun to hang around!

Maja Folgerø: Who’s the best creative of all times?

Kids. Of course. They always are.

Sebastian Gram: What is your best advice for young creatives?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. That’s when you really grow as a designer and as a person. Be true to yourself and try to not just follow what everybody else is doing. Find your own path for creating unique concepts and great visual experiences. Always go into a project with an open mind.

Antti Hinkula: What would you do if you weren’t working in the creative field?

Hah, this is easy. I have always struggled with making the two things that I’m passionate about fit into my schedule and in the wintertime this becomes a true challenge: if I didn’t work in the creative field, I’d be traveling with my board, exploring the back country terrain of the world’s most awesome mountains. In its own way, letting your board create the perfect line in an untouched snowy canvas, is a creative task. But could I make a living doing this? Honestly, I have no idea. 🙂

Oskar Lübeck: What’s the best thing that happened to the creative industry in 2015?

Not sure if it’s the best thing overall, but one of the most interesting trends is body implants and self modification. This year, one of my collegues at Bold got a chip implanted in his arm, hoping for a better and more intense experience with interactive design in the future.

More about the Nordic Creative Talent Award

The key criteria for evaluating entries is simple: craftsmanship, uniqueness and level of innovation and aesthetic value are the key things our jury will be on the lookout for. Find out more about the award at the official Nordic Creative Talent Award website.