Giving Camberwell College of Arts student Sadhna Prasad a platform for her work

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with 23 year old Sadhna Prasad, one of ten female students to have their artwork featured on a giant billboard in New York, as part of a global competition hosted by Adobe and Colossal Media – The World’s Biggest Student Art Show.

The competition gave ten female creatives from around the world the chance to have their work featured on a series of giant murals in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as a means of empowering and elevating women, who are historically underrepresented in the creative industries.

We had a chat with Sadhna to find out more about her story and the inspiration behind her winning design…

Adobe: What brings you to London, Sadhna?

Sadhna: I came here to do a Masters in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and to build up my credentials as a freelance designer, gaining as much work experience as possible. It’s been a great year!

Adobe: How did you find out about the competition?

Sadhna: I use Behance quite frequently when I’m looking for inspiration, hunting for freelance opportunities and to check out other artists’ work, so when I stumbled upon the competition on the Job Portal, I knew I had to give it a go.

Adobe: What was your inspiration behind your winning design?

Sadhna: All entrants were tasked with coming up with a design that showed our unique perspective of the world. Since my Masters Project I have been very involved in the subject of bridging the gap between humans, space and existence using fantasy, so I followed the same approach when designing this mural. The illustration depicts a parallel fantasy world where all existence lives as equals and in harmony.

Credit: Sadhna Prasad

Adobe: How did it feel to see your work on a billboard in New York?

Sadhna: I was ecstatic to be selected as one of the winners of The World’s Biggest Student Art Show, especially considering the fantastic work which was produced by some of the other students taking part. Seeing my work up on a wall of that scale was amazing. It’s a great way for me to build my profile as a female designer and illustrator. And what an amazing opportunity from Adobe and Colossal Media allowing us to have this experience! I was thrilled!

Adobe: What are your plans for the future?

Sadhna: I am currently very busy freelancing and working on personal projects, as well as collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different art forms. In the near future, I would love to work with a design studio and different artists on work that makes a positive change to society. One day, I’d also love to have my own design studio.

For more information on The World’s Biggest Student Art Show, and to take a look at all ten finalists’ work, visit Behance.

About Sadhna

Originally from Mumbai, 23 year old Sadhna is now based in London, and has recently completed a Masters in Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts. She also graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology (Bangalore, India) with a foundation in design and a BA in Digital Direction from DSK International Campus (Pune, India). Check out Sadhna’s Behance profile here and follow her on Instagram.