How to Leverage Your Audiences in Search Marketing

In search marketing you can target customers not only by the keywords they search for, but also by their profile. Their profile is built based on actions on the website such as page viewed, abandon shopping cards, free trials, etc. This powerful combination of both keywords and audiences usually provides a much better ROI than traditional campaigns.

Examples of RLSA campaigns
It can be used in many ways: grow revenue pipeline from existing customers through upgrades or cross sell, consideration campaigns for prospects (those who downloaded a newsletter, a free trial, etc.) or brand awareness campaigns for non visitors bidding on non-brand keywords.

See here for some case studies:

Management of audiences
To simplify implementation and management of tags, more and more advertisers use a DMP – Data Management Platform such as Adobe Audience Manager. This saves time and allows a better alignment across all other demand gen activities.

See here all advantages of using a DMP for RLSA.

What is the limit of RLSA?
The main limit with the use of RLSA is that It is clearly dependent
on the size of your audience. You really need to get a large cookie pool
to expect some results, which pool can only be filled after a few weeks
(at least 30 days).

Finally note that search retargeting is only available on the Google network, but Bing is working on a similar feature.

What about you, have you tried RLSAs? Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comments, and feel free to continue the conversation on Twitter @gblecon