UPDATED 10/30: Join Photoshop for the #PsMystery 2015 game – in Space

Travel with us to the year 2398. The IXS FarStar has been cleared for re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere on Oct. 31. But at 16:47 Zulu Time today, Commander Nova Ryder informed us that Pilot Maladie Harbinger has been compromised by an unknown illness.

In this year’s #PsMystery, we need you to collect the clues to diagnose the ailment and cure the patient. Gather your scientific evidence and post a screenshot to our Facebook page to return the IXS FarStar and its crew safely to Earth.

Here’s your first body of evidence—the IXS FarStar’s bridge. Download the PSD from Creative Cloud here: http://adobe.ly/1Lx9IkW


UPDATE 10/27: The situation is worsening on the IXS FarStar. Mission Specialist–Medic Spike Arashi now displays similar symptoms to Maladie Harbinger, whose status continues to deteriorate.

To learn more about who and what is on the ship, download the PSD of the BioLab here: http://adobe.ly/1M09xjq


UPDATE 10/28: Raz Kolnikov, the last remaining healthy crew member, has taken over the ship and is answering your questions on Facebook. Also released today, a closer look around the crew’s quarters in this PSD: http://adobe.ly/1PQBFbg


UPDATE 10/29: There is no foreseeable way to prevent IXS FarStar and its rogue virus from reaching Earth, unless you find the solution. Kolnikov told us that somebody jammed the controls and he can’t steer the ship. Head down the engine room to check it out: http://adobe.ly/1XC5mOL

PsMystery Day 4

UPDATE 10/30: Ryder, Kolnikov and Arashi are receiving treatment, thanks to you! You were able to find the fungus that communicates via bioluminescence, which infected the crew. You also learned of the cure in the neutralizing hyperparasite found on another sample from Ceres.

We can sleep better knowing Mission Control is manned by such a talented team.


On behalf of the Photoshop team, thanks for playing this year’s #PsMystery—Happy Halloween!!