DanTDM fan art, made with Creative Cloud

Mobile is changing creativity as we speak. Professional creatives are relying less on a physical space to create their work, as their smartphones and tablets turn into modern canvases that help them bring great ideas to life, anywhere, anytime. Today, we’re announcing a new project that shows precisely that.

The best fan art ever of DanTDM

We gave Dei Gaztelumendi, Joakim Hellstedt and SeedSeven, three of Europe’s most talented game concept artists who have worked on projects like Battlefield 3, Alien and Dozer, one mission: to create the best fan art ever made of DanTDM, one of the world’s biggest gaming commentators on YouTube, by using Adobe mobile apps and workflows.

The result? DanTDM, who averages more than 400 million views monthly playing games, now has three additional, very own and unique, gaming characters. Watch the videos below and also make sure to check out the step-by-step drawing process that Dei Gaztelumendi, Joakim Hellstedt and SeedSeven shared on their Behance page.