3 Ways to Find Files Faster

Have you ever wanted to peek at a file before you open it? Perhaps you’re looking for a particular file, but you can’t remember the name. Rather than wasting your time opening and closing several files, try these 3 tips to track down your files faster in the latest version of Acrobat DC.

  1. Use the Thumbnail view instead of List view on the Home screen. This tip works when viewing Recent file lists, Document Cloud and Creative Cloud files. https://blog.adobe.com/media_524f6aa1461808d14e573a35f2142307b8619ef2.gif
  2. Use the filename search tool. Located just above the file thumbnails or listing, this search allows you to find words or phrases in your file name. https://blog.adobe.com/media_a90936372545790b018dece150e15301fe781fdb.gif
  3. Preview file details from the Recent file lists. Select a file in the Recent listing to see details about the file and move through the pages on the right. You can also remove individual files from the Recent file lists at the bottom of the preview area. https://blog.adobe.com/media_acf4e4b754929e674871f9b8090ff1ef9dfe23aa.gif

Don’t waste time searching for the right file to open in Acrobat DC, find your files faster using these 3 time-saving techniques today.

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