Adobe to Acquire comScore’s Digital Analytix Technology

This morning, comScore announced its intention to transfer the technology assets and customer accounts of its Digital Analytix business to Adobe. Although the deal isn’t expected to close until December of this year, I look forward to welcoming the Digital Analytix customers to the Adobe family. I’d like to share some initial thoughts on what comScore’s Digital Analytix customers can expect moving forward.

It is critically important to us that every Digital Analytix customer experiences a smooth transition into the Adobe family. To that end, here are some things you can expect from now through the closing.

First and foremost, your access to the products, services and support teams you currently use will continue as it is today. We understand the mission-critical nature of analytics solutions for organizations. Therefore, Adobe and comScore will work together to ensure current workflows in customers’ analytics practices are not disrupted. Digital Analytix customers will also continue to have access to their comScore account managers through the closing and beyond. Finally, Adobe intends to take good care of Digital Analytix customers and will honor the terms of all existing Digital Analytix contracts.

In my 10+ years in this industry, I’ve never been more excited about what Adobe Analytics is solving for our customers. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see prediction, machine learning and simple user experiences converge to serve the analytics needs of the world’s most innovative brands. To learn more about our current strategy and product offerings, please visit If you have additional questions about the transaction, read the FAQs.

We look forward to working with these new customers, and partnering to define the future of this market.