Creative Cloud masterclasses in November

More Creative Cloud masterclasses

The year’s nearly done, but not without having a new series of masterclasses around the amazing work you can produce with Creative Cloud. Whether it’s through mobile solutions for colouring or simply having best in class software to produce amazing image compositions, we believe that creative software should be easy to use and powerful enough to produce groundbreaking work.

With that in mind, we are hosting two more masterclasses in November.

New masterclass with Chad Lewis

You already know the story: Chad was the student who got picked by Adobe and Marvel to create a special edition Marvel comic. He created the Avengers character Thor and in his last masterclass Chad shared his sketching technique. Many of you requested a second session on colouring technique so in this session this comic story will now get some final TLC and a touch of colour.

Chad’s masterclass is on November 19, 15.000 CET / 14.00 GMT. Make sure you sign up in advance here.

Masterclass with Mario Sánchez Nevado

Mario Sánchez Nevado is a Spanish independent illustrator is definitely one of the world’s most accomplished compositing artists. By designing ‘great things for people who have a story that needs to be told’, Mario was one of the artists that came together to create the Emmy-nominated ‘Dream On’ video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop.

Mario’s masterclass is on November 25, 13.00 CET / 12.00 GMT. Make sure you sign up in advance here.