T-Mobile Transforms Customer Experiences with Adobe Marketing Cloud

T-Mobile’s gutsy move to eliminate user contracts needed reliable customer data in order to succeed. That’s why the mobile “un-carrier” chose Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager, to help it understand who its audience is and how they interact with digital properties across segments.

The profiles and audiences core service in Adobe Marketing Cloud lets marketers consolidate authenticated and anonymous data and use it in both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target create comprehensive profiles of each customer. Personalized digital experiences are then delivered through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Responsive design in AEM sites meets the company’s growing demand for mobile accessibility and the assets capability in AEM provides a centralized repository for corporate assets that can be used on the T-Mobile and My T-Mobile portals. The new websites delivered with AEM have reduced page load times by about 80 percent, leading to increased page views and adoption.

“When we started, about 70 percent of our traffic came from desktops,” says Vinay Kshirsagar, Chief Architect at T-Mobile. “Our new mobile-friendly designs are encouraging more mobile engagement, with about 65 percent of our web traffic today coming from mobile devices.”

In one year, T-Mobile transformed customer experiences to jump from last to first place among full-service mobile carriers in JD Power & Associates’ Wireless Customer Care Performance rankings. Moving ahead, T-Mobile plans to adopt additional Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions that will add interactive images and video to the carrier’s web and mobile channels.

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