How do I hear about Adobe Security Issues?

Hackers like to target products which are ubiquitously installed, and products such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Flash which are installed on millions of devices around the world are likely candidates.

For solo practitioners and small organizations, Acrobat, Reader and Flash automatically turn on auto-update which helps keep your software up to date. In essence, your machine checks for updates automatically, downloads and applies them.

Enterprise (very large organizations) often prefer other means of updating our products. As a result, they want to plan ahead as much as possible and may even have dedicated security staff who assess risk to the firm.

If you are with a larger law firm or other organization, I recommend you sign up for Adobe’s Security Notification service.

Finally, I will mention that at Adobe, we take security very seriously.

All security issues are posted proactively on Adobe’s Security Bulletins and Advisories page on our website.