Adobe Acrobat Reader for Microsoft Intune: Delivering Secure Mobile Productivity to the Enterprise

A crucial part of our mission to modernize how people and organizations get work done with documents is making sure they can do so quickly, easily and securely from anywhere. Mobile is a key component to success for our customers; it’s how you complete day-to-day business, not to mention manage nearly every aspect of your lives.

We’ve developed Adobe Document Cloud with a laser focus on mobile from day one. If anything, that’s intensified even more in the months that followed, as we continue to advance what’s possible with Acrobat Reader mobile.

In parallel, we know bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives are top of mind for enterprise IT and organizations have had to up their games when it comes to enterprise mobility management (EMM). And we want to be there to support their efforts to keep corporate information secure, something you may have already noticed.

That’s why I’m excited to announce today we’re delivering Acrobat Reader mobile for Microsoft Intune, which is part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. This speaks to our commitment to help customers simplify the management of apps, including via the cloud.

In fact, ours is one of the first mobile apps in the world to natively support Microsoft Intune’s mobile application management capabilities.

This means businesses can now manage Acrobat Reader, the gold standard and most widely distributed PDF app in the world, through its lifecycle in an environment managed by Intune. It provides IT a new level of flexibility and control, and makes it simple for employees to be sure they’re using a corporate-approved app, and in a way that complies with their company’s policies.

We’ve been working closely with Microsoft Corp., and know they share our enthusiasm (read their blog post). Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate VP of the Enterprise Client & Mobility team, shared his thoughts with us: “Protecting company data while giving end users a rich productivity experience is critical in a mobile first cloud first world. We are excited that Adobe is working with us on that journey. Being able to manage Adobe Acrobat Reader with Intune gives our shared customers the best experience for end users while allowing IT to protect the sensitive company data that people interact with on their mobile devices every day.”

Enabling the Mobile Workforce

Here’s how it works.

IT pros can oversee mobile devices across their companies from the Intune console. As part of that work, they can now deploy Acrobat Reader mobile and manage related app polices for employees in a simple, straightforward way.

Employees can then download Reader mobile from their company’s app portal. In the process, they’ll be prompted to acknowledge that their IT department will be managing the app and how it’s used.

Once employees have Acrobat Reader mobile installed, they can use it as they normally would to view and take actions on PDF files, depending on the policies the company’s set for its use.

For example, IT could specify employees can only share business-related PDF documents with other mobile apps that are being managed via Intune. Or, to help prevent the potential leak of company data, they could restrict the ability to copy and paste text and images from a PDF file into an un-managed mobile app. And employees can be prompted to enter a PIN that’s specific to Acrobat Reader when they launch the app after a certain period of time.

To further protect corporate information, when a device is lost or an employee leaves the company, IT can remove Acrobat Reader mobile from the phone or tablet, along with any sensitive data that’s associated with it.

Android Now, iOS Soon!

Acrobat Reader for Intune is available now on Google Play, and we expect the app to be available on the Apple App Store later this month. We’ll be sure to let you know when the iOS version is live, so please keep in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Acrobat Reader for Intune is now available for iOS on the Apple App Store.